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#20, RE: The Avatar and the Rose Prince
Posted by Peter Eng on Sep-18-13 at 03:20 AM
In response to message #8
>>>Korra raised Naga from a puppy, and she is, as far as I know, the only
>>>extant tamed member of her species.
>> What's more, she's had to find homes for the rest of the
>>puppies, so some of her relatives, friends back in Senna Village, and
>>so forth have adopted them over the years. By 2410, the extended clan
>>represents a fairly well-domesticated branch of the species, even if
>>everybody else at the South Pole does think the kids in Senna are
>>crazy. :)
>Ehhhn, I would be leery of this too-they are large and probably
>dangerous animals-domestication doesn't happen overnight...

Okay, how about you tell the people who air the show this?

Peter Eng
Insert humorous comment here.