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#5, RE: The Avatar and the Rose Prince
Posted by Vehrec on Sep-17-13 at 09:22 AM
In response to message #4
>Ah! Never having watched any of Avatar, that would explain THAT...I
>was, personally, thinking:

*professor spectacles on: Making shit up commencing.*

The Polar Bear-dog (Canursus maritimus) is a native predator of the south pole of Diqiu, where it feeds mostly upon other predators like Tiger Seals and sharks. It is quite a good swimmer, and extremely powerful, able to in some cases carry an Avatar and her three closest friends. Few in history have tamed these savage beasts-a fact that may be hard to believe in light of their apparent affability and curiosity. This is because there is little they have reason to fear or avoid aside from other Polar Bear-dogs. While they may seem friendly, they are more interested in how you might taste.

Korra raised Naga from a puppy, and she is, as far as I know, the only extant tamed member of her species. More traditionally, they might be hunted as a rite of passage, because their flesh is mildly toxic-and their livers are deadly. Hides and bones are still of some value, but often difficult to recover since a wounded bear-dog may retreat into the water and die where it cannot be found-if it does not fly into a rage and attack the hunters. Since killing them is therefor a waste of time and effort that is likely to end with someone dead or in the need of a healer's services, it is not a task for any but the foolhardy and brave.