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#14, RE: (S5M4) Familiar Spirits Comments
Posted by Gryphon on May-30-14 at 04:47 PM
In response to message #13
>The question I took from this is a bit different. So, Utena has a
>bonafide goddess mark now, which... doesn't surprise me, since it was
>one of the Norns who drew hers to start with.

The funny part is that Utena herself has no idea that happened. She couldn't see it, after all, and (as yet) no one who did see it has mentioned it to her.

>The question: how long
>before she starts showing a permanent mark, if ever, and what form
>might that mark take?

Unknown at this time. Not all the gods have System Marks that are visible under ordinary circumstances. The dísir, for instance - the class of goddesses to which ascended mortal women like Gin Shepard belong - don't.

>ETA: By permanent mark, I mean the minor, un-manifested variety.
>Kinda like Corwin's center-dotted circle expanding to the full

Well, if she had a proper System Mark, the form shown would probably be its "default" form; the more elaborate version is something Gods and Goddesses First Class manifest when their limiters are off, which happens very rarely, and although what Utena did at the end of her Rose Duel with Korra was impressive, it was nothing like what a First Class Unlimited can do. That's more "shattered continents sink into a boiling sea while the planet falls toward the Sun" territory. Which is why they don't take their limiters off in Midgard. :)

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