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#35, RE: (S5M4) Familiar Spirits Comments
Posted by Droken on Jun-07-14 at 00:01 AM
In response to message #34
Agreed. As always it's worth recognizing that not everyone will have the same reaction to such a significant integration of something into UF that they have no knowledge of, but personally I've greatly enjoyed the entirety of the Diqiu-related adds, and I've seen less than 3 episodes of ATLA.

In some ways the Diqiu Suite in particular feels to me much like the later parts of the first and early parts of the second Symphonies, in that it's a great deal of character-driven, almost-universally good and awesome down-time for everyone, with a massive influx of new and interesting characters. And yet, at least for we the viewers, there's just the teeniest, tiniest reminder back in Honeymoon that the forces of the Black Rose are still at least lurking about. And with the Royal Progress bit happening in the very recent past as well...

From my seat, it's been an excellent ride, and I don't personally think that you've messed up on this one Chief.