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#0, (S5M4) Familiar Spirits - Comments II
Posted by Peter Eng on Jun-14-14 at 07:01 PM
(Because I didn't want to break the previous post)

>I'm not at all sure why they would be for anything beyond friendship between Corwin and Korra.

Maybe they aren't. But Korra's pulling away from showing any kind of affection towards Corwin, without even thinking about it. She's aware of him as a mature male, and one who resembles a guy who died years ago. Sure, Corwin's probably among the hardest people to kill ever (Detian and God of Mecha - what a genetic inheritance), but we already know she's having trouble with watching people grow old and die around her.

If she's pulling away from Corwin for any reason besides the appearance of the thing, I'd guess it's because being the only person in Dìqiú with her longevity makes it hard for her to risk loss, even if pulling away like this will make matters worse for her. (Losing friends hurts, therefore do not have friends. Great for not having to mourn friends, makes life suck worse than going to funerals ever will.)

Even if it isn't anything more than appearances, how long can she do this unconsciously before she stops? Will she settle on being at arm's reach, or will she unwittingly push Corwin away, just to make things look right?

This isn't just some personal romance thing. Corwin, Anthy, and Utena made a promise about this back in What's Past is Prologue. If I had to bet on one of those three breaking a promise, or Surtur being the drummer for Spinal Tap in 2413, I'd pre-order the Spinal Tap tickets.

>Azana taking the ring for the first time with her flashy new blue flame...

It might not be MLB-legal. There's limits on how hot the flame can get, remember. It's possible that the easiest way to avoid questions of whether Azana's allowed to sling blue flame or not is by not using it during an event. Even if it is tournament-legal, the hearings and decision-making needed to decide that fall under Gryphon's "doesn't need the tsuris" description quite nicely.

Peter Eng
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