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#10, RE: SOON: S5DSE02 Avatar Storytime
Posted by McFortner on Jul-01-14 at 09:36 PM
In response to message #9
I'm not tired of it, it's just that I have never watched Korra. I dropped my dish service just after AtLA ended and missed about half of that as it was. I haven't had the big desire to reacquire the TV habit. I watch a few old shows I like either on DVD or my computer, but a lot of what's new just doesn't interest me.

And while I could post, I'd probably go all fanboi on you and I'm trying hard not to do that. I limit my posts to what I'm sure isn't over the top and enjoy the ride. So don't take it personally, I'm just trying to annoy people.


p.s.: Toph rules. 'nuff said.

Michael C. Fortner, B.Sc.
"Maxim 37: There is no such thing as "overkill".
There is only "open fire" and "I need to reload".