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#15, RE: SOON: S5DSE02 Avatar Storytime
Posted by Astynax on Jul-02-14 at 00:02 AM
In response to message #14
>The Forum pop in general seems to be trending toward lurking lately,
>and that's every user's prerogative, but at the risk of coming off as
>a bit needy, I have to say, from the standpoint of the person handling
>the content, lurkers just aren't much fun. One tends to start feeling
>as if one has either displeased everyone, or there's nobody there in
>the first place. :)
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Been here for about as long as this place has had a forum, and likely to be here until the lights go out. So I can assure you personally, we're out here. For my part, I've always been deeply annoyed with literary deconstructionists (far too many classes involving "and what do the blue drapes symbolize in the scene where they are mentioned in passing only once?" I suspect.) So my posts would fall into either me-too-ism, or ex-rectum plot speculation (which I have given a trial run or three to in my own head, and been wrong sufficiently large number of times to learn that I have no talent in that regard.) So I mostly lurk until something really rouses me to put fingers to keyboard, but I read it all, and appreciate it as a good counterbalance to the "put our protagonists through all 9 layers of Hell twice" school of writing that seems so popular in entertainment these days (and I say this as a fan of Song of Ice and Fire, The Dresden Files, and even Torchwood, which are all fine entertainment, but ye gods something upbeat is necessary after that sort of thing to avoid opting for a shotgun mouthwash.)

"Authors these days seem to believe 'we always hurt the ones we love' is an immutable commandment."