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#20, RE: SOON: S5DSE02 Avatar Storytime
Posted by BobSchroeck on Jul-02-14 at 09:13 AM
In response to message #14
LAST EDITED ON Jul-02-14 AT 09:14 AM (EDT)
>The Forum pop in general seems to be trending toward lurking lately,
>and that's every user's prerogative, but at the risk of coming off as
>a bit needy, I have to say, from the standpoint of the person handling
>the content, lurkers just aren't much fun. One tends to start feeling
>as if one has either displeased everyone, or there's nobody there in
>the first place. :)

I'm sorry to have contributed to that impression, but I only got the chance to read Avatar Storytime yesterday afternoon, in between tasks at work, and after work I had entirely too much on my plate to even check the forums. I, too, suffer from insufficient canonical Korra exposure (though Peg and I shotgunned all three seasons of AtLA after seeing the live-action movie some years back, we never got our act together on watching TLOK), and this has no doubt contributed to my lack of things to say. I frankly did not have the context to understand what you were doing with the Naga scene, for instance. Overall, I found the story to be a pleasant respite in the midst of everything else happening at this time and, as you intended, a background-builder, but I would rather have a bit more to say than "I liked it".

-- Bob
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