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#34, RE: And then another day (one day, continued)
Posted by Peter Eng on Aug-10-14 at 02:11 AM
In response to message #0
>The belief is that, to the woman,
>the man is a friend (often expressed in such terms as "just a friend"
>or "friend zone" which carry the implicit assumption that anything
>other than a romantic and/or sexual relationship with her is,
>ultimately, an inherently lesser and unworthy thing)

Which would be a problem if Corwin had behaved in any way like that. Except that he never tried to cash in his nice-guy tokens, or showed any signs of acting like he had any such things. Judging by the narrative, life would have been good enough for him if all he ever did with Utena was go out for dinner on Fridays. Anthy practically had to stuff them in a closet and lock the door to get that to change.

Peter Eng
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