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#12, RE: A Less Minor Reorg
Posted by JeanneHedge on Aug-08-14 at 10:58 AM
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Wow, Mr Gryphon's been a busy fellow...

Actually reading it all will be the proof of the pudding, as the saying goes, but as others have noted just seeing the reorganization laid out makes me feel better about it all, it just makes so much sense!

Interesting how The Diqiu Suite is part of both The Legacy of Korra and The Order of the Rose (bye, S5!). You have links to Diqiu from both LoK and OotR, could we have links on the Diqiu homepage back to LoK and OotR? I don't see any - am I overlooking them somewhere?

Other than the bits moved from Prelude to that S4 story, and the renaming of what's left of Prelude to Overture in A Minor, and the consolidation of several previously named stories into the Director's Cut, are the changes to the rest of what was formerly S5 pretty much title changes only? (other than that, how was the play Mrs Lincoln?)

Bordering on amusing/funny is the title of the "next story" after Diqiu Suite in the OotR line: "Technical Difficulties"


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