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#18, RE: A Less Minor Reorg
Posted by SpottedKitty on Aug-08-14 at 06:53 PM
In response to message #13
>>Bordering on amusing/funny is the title of the "next story" after
>>Diqiu Suite in the OotR line: "Technical Difficulties"
>Heh, that's actually a complete coincidence. That's what that story's
>been called since it was originally going to be a Mini. (It's the
>"B'Elanna Joins the CorpsKlingon Navy" side story.)

Hooboy, now that's going to be a real fasten-your-seatbelts wild ride. So many good stories have come out in the last little while I'd forgotten all about where B'Elanna went. Although... isn't there a brief scene somewhere of her talking to Utena about wanting to be involved in the Tau Ceti excitement?

Thinking back to her last bit of dialogue with Zargh, I hope she doesn't have to perform too much percussive maintenance on the crew...

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