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#6, RE: TFLF Chapter 2
Posted by Gryphon on Oct-03-14 at 03:13 PM
In response to message #2
>Well, there was Ritsu, with her casual "That's our Mugi-chan."
>Like she -expects- Mugi to come up with something totally
>off-the-wall, like, oh, I dunno, a vacation home on Suomi IV....

That, and I suspect she wasn't entirely paying attention to what Mugi actually said, because Ritchan. (In fact, I forgot to note, and have since corrected, that everyone sort of absently agrees with her there, because it hasn't actually hit any of them what Mugi said until Mio speaks up a few seconds later. :)

>(I just got through the episode where she spends multiple days -trying
>to provoke one of the others into bopping her on the head-, just out
>of solidarity with Ritsu who's always getting bopped...)

Hee, that episode has one of the best-timed breaks to commercial ever.

"The thing is... I'd like you... to whack me on the head!"


(traffic sounds)

"... you what?"

(Oh hey, rechecking the dialogue, I just noticed that the clothes Azalynn borrowed from Yui in Chapter 1 are from this episode. Yui's wearing them in the next scene, when they're all at summer school. I knew I remembered her having an outfit like that from somewhere.)

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