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#8, RE: Technical Difficulties
Posted by Gryphon on Nov-12-14 at 12:57 PM
In response to message #7
>I do wonder
>why Jurdak was on the Klingon Union side in the first place, given all

Klayvor's side didn't even try to recruit him. Unreliable. Lazy, stupid, and borderline cowardly. Only when word reached them that the "Emperor"'s wayward niece had been posted to his crew did they take any interest.

>I'm a little sorry Sub-Commander Karodis got killed off before she had
>a chance to do anything; she seemed like she could have been an
>interesting character.

Mm, I feel a little bad about that myself. (And for poor tlhamaH, come to that. He was clearly not a bad guy, just way the hell out of his depth. He'd have been better off being born into a culture that valued farmers or office workers.)

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