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#27, RE: (OOTR15) M5 Taken by Storm Supplementary
Posted by Meagen on Jun-12-15 at 08:50 AM
In response to message #21
>>But maybe he has something more original in mind.
>I don't think so. Despite Akio's Byzantine machinations his end-goals have
>always been pretty straightforward. He needs a Rose Bride/Pillar, for whatever
>reason it has to be his kin and he's willing to burn down the world to get
>exactly what he wants.

The incestous mindgames are probably optional, but he seems to enjoy breaking the associatied taboos, and is quite skilled at using the result to his advantage (mind games along the lines of "now you're as filthy as I am, nobody would help you if they knew, it's the two of us against the world").