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#13, RE: TFLF 9
Posted by ebony14 on Jun-22-15 at 11:10 AM
In response to message #11
>>"There are girls in our class who still have nightmares."
>>I'm personally still loving the band name debate. Orangebender!
>Other candidates they didn't get to before the scene faded out
> - Severe Tire Damage
> - D Term (n.b. Sato Academy only has three terms per year)
> - The Stormbirds
> - Love Machine (Jun thinks if they're going to do this one they
>should go all the way and make it "Love ♡ Love Machine")
>and, of course,
> - The Daughters of the Republican Revolution

Better than some of the band names that have gone into Rock Band or Guitar Hero over the years.

Ebony the Black Dragon

"Life is like an anole. Sometimes it's green. Sometimes it's brown. But it's always a small Caribbean lizard."