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#18, RE: (teaser) The Upcoming Thing
Posted by ejheckathorn on Aug-10-15 at 07:52 AM
In response to message #17
>I assume we'll see in the next installment what exactly Earth forces
>(not to say Earthforce, not sure they were around then) did to i401.
>Because in all honesty, they weren't winning much of anything against
>the Fleet of Fog IIRC. I wonder what would count as ungracious when
>the victors basically thought they were fighting for the survival of
>their planet. That would have to be pretty damn ungraceful.
>Definitely looking forward to finding out. =)

I think it may be a reference to the fact that I-401, after having been surrendered to the US Navy at the end of World War 2, was sunk as a target. This was apparently done to keep from having to share its technology with the Soviets per a wartime agreement.