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#5, RE: (teaser) The Upcoming Thing
Posted by Verbena on Jul-28-15 at 08:37 AM
In response to message #3
Pff. They'll attack no matter what Corwin says, and as much as Earthdome is a bunch of right nitwits (to quote Rowan Atkinson), I'd wonder what the hell is going on too if something like that happened 13 knots off a major military base. Of course, the right nitwits will shoot first and ask questions later, which is why they're the bad guys. =)

That all said, I know I haven't responded to every thread around here (and I won't unless I have something at least marginally intelligent to say), but OWAW has gotten me to start watching Strike Witches again, and now, heavens help me, I've been looking up KanColle characters. The stories here have been fantastic; I like them 100 times better than the original material. =)

I'm just half afraid I'll show up to work in a dress shirt and panties one day.

"Shouldn't you be wearing pants?"
"I am. Well, pantsu, anyway."

Fearless creatures, we all learn to fight the Reaper
Can't defeat Her, so instead I'll have to be Her