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#19, RE: (OOTR-17) Cantata for Warships in D
Posted by Nova Floresca on Sep-08-15 at 10:04 PM
In response to message #15
>>-I noticed the "Project Warlock" callout for the hybrid-Fog ships
>>Earthforce was using, and looking at it, the way the Fleet of Fog
>>seems to have left behind tools and examples of how to construct their
>>vessels for whoever goes looking to find them does sorta sound like
>>the Shadows' MO. Is this actually a connection, or am I reading too
>>much into it?
>Well, the hybrid ships being a product of something called "Project
>Warlock" is certainly a Babylon 5 reference at least in part
>(it's also a nod toward the WARLOCK in Strike Witches, which
>was based in a similarly bad idea). Beyond that, though, you're
>off-course; the Warlock-class ships are a product of (rather
>ham-fisted) EF reverse engineering, not products of the Fog leaving
>how-to hints around.

Ahh, my bad- I was referring to the Midway Island base itself; with the way everybody was shut down, it looked like if anybody had found it, they could have simply clapped their hands and had a full squadron of Fog warships to do their bidding, plus the graving docks and the knowledge and supplies to put it to use.

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