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#20, RE: (OOTR-17) Cantata for Warships in D
Posted by Gryphon on Sep-08-15 at 10:12 PM
In response to message #19
>Ahh, my bad- I was referring to the Midway Island base itself; with
>the way everybody was shut down, it looked like if anybody had found
>it, they could have simply clapped their hands and had a full squadron
>of Fog warships to do their bidding, plus the graving docks and the
>knowledge and supplies to put it to use.

Possible, but I think it unlikely that Fleet Coordinator Nagato (the ship responsible for leaving the Midway Detachment there, mentioned by Kaga as the source of her last known orders) anticipated the absence of the Admiralty Code. More probable that the station (and the one elsewhere that Kongō et al. came from) were intended as some sort of contingency measure. To what end is difficult to speculate about, since we don't know why the Fog abandoned the original offensive and left Earth to begin with. Most of those left behind have suffered memory loss, and it appears those who haven't (like Lionfish) were never told in the first place. The Big Seven were not in the habit of explaining themselves to lesser ships even before the invention of Mental Models.

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