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#21, RE: (OOTR-17) Cantata for Warships in D
Posted by TheOtherSean on Sep-08-15 at 11:34 PM
In response to message #0
I greatly enjoyed the story. In some ways, the Corwin in this story is something of a throwback. He hasn't blundering like this isn't something we've seen since his early awkwardness with Utena. OTOH, he has darn good reason to be off his game. He seems to be getting over the worst of it by the end of the story.

Hopefully his new flotilla will be of assistance against Akio. There's little that would be more fitting that Akio's casual disregard for Iona's fate causing additional complications for the evil bastard.

Just curious: From what I'm reading, the Fog ships in the UF-verse are starships as well as being able to act as wet navy ships, right?