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#32, RE: (OOTR-17) Cantata for Warships in D
Posted by Meagen on Sep-09-15 at 10:47 AM
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This cantata had something for everyone: cute girls, naval warfare history (both the hardware and the tactics), just a touch of naval warfare speculative sci-fi, space opera AI-related plots for emotional context, and MASSIVE WORLD-BENDING GODLY MAGIC.

I know you're always kind of reticient about using magic as a plot point in UF, but I think you handled it well here*. You've set up the backstory well enough to have the Actual God Powers be a last-resort sort of thing, and written the actual escalation of responses and subsequent effects of pulling out the trump card to give the feeling of "that was epic, but I hope he doesn't have to do that again any time soon". Making Corwin a deus machinarum without making it into a deus ex machina, if you will. :) Good show!


* Having played a Magic-origin character as my main in City of Heroes, I've spent a long time thinking about magic in a modern/near future sci-fi context, and how to answer the "why don't you just use magic" question in various contexts with "because using magic to fix this problem would be needlessly complicated/too dangerous/too time-consuming/unethical".