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#50, RE: (OOTR-17) Cantata for Warships in D
Posted by Verbena on Sep-10-15 at 00:46 AM
In response to message #42
>>>I'm sure Ikazuchi will be thrilled that there are a whole class of
>>>space cruisers named after her. (Assuming that the Ikazuchi-class is
>>>still in use. I believe the Sterling sisters were using one, when last
>>>I looked.)

Maia and Miranda, at any rate, in Mars Division.

>>Oh, sure. No longer in production, but there are quite a number of
>>them still in service with the WDF, the Royal Salusian Navy, and
>>others. Ash Williams's current command, the Shanxi, is also an
>>Ikazuchi-class ship.
>>Ikazuchi-chan could theoretically upgrade, she'd only have to obtain a
>>detailed scan of one. And 1.4 megatons of nanomaterial.
>I didn't expect she would, but the fact that the cruisers are,
>arguably, named after her (at least, I think they were in the original
>source material) would probably make her preen a bit.

One of the things about Fog ships is there's more to them than just '25th century weapons on disguised 20th century chassis'. Their weapons and armor are far closer to what's generally available in the 25th century, certainly, but the ratio of offensive firepower to tonnage is insane, even by 25th century standards. Every one of them more closely resembles Daggerdisc than a modern ship of the line. And their ability to reconfigure, repair, and any other nanotech advantage is a step above that. Put simply, if Ikazuchi-chan were to don a chassis the size of an Ikazuchi-class vessel (I believe it's a carrier, primarily), what kind of weaponry would we then see?

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