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#52, RE: (OOTR-17) Cantata for Warships in D
Posted by Offsides on Sep-10-15 at 02:31 PM
In response to message #48
>In this case, there wasn't any significant celestially-inflicted
>damage to the fabric of Midgard at all, accidental or otherwise, so...
>there's not really anything further to investigate. Think of it as a
>little bit like a naval court-martial. Those aren't always
>disciplinary actions; sometimes (as in the sinkings of ships by enemy
>action in wartime) they're just about getting what happened on paper.

That's more along the lines of what I was thinking when I wrote that little vignette. Had it been a real crime, I suspect the Valkyrior would have been sent to arrest Corwin (or at least escort him back to Asgard), rather than sending several file boxes of paperwork to be filled out (in triplicate, no carbon, naturally) :)

There's also the fact that he broke the seal specifically to keep his word to those who had accepted him as their God (even if he already was, they voluntarily chose to follow him). I think had he NOT done everything in his power to protect them he might have gotten into more trouble (whether "legally" or simply karmically)...


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