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#5, RE: (Cantata audio) sorry for delay...
Posted by Gryphon on Sep-24-15 at 11:35 PM
In response to message #4
>Just a funny side note.
>Hearing you say "huahuahua" the first time almost got me in trouble at
>work. (and several odd looks)

I had to think about that for a second, because I couldn't think when I would have said that. :)

(The subtitles spell it "hawawawa" when Inazuma says it. From context, it seems to be linguistically akin to Ed Norton's* "hominahominahomina". At least when it's used in the "I am fearful and/or confused" context.)

As an aside, Kongō's name is hard to say if you're a native English speaker. The "ng" doesn't have a hard G in it, and since it has a vowel after it, the English-speaking tongue really, really wants to put one there. It's also hard to say the extended "o" without also emphasizing it. I think I succeeded in both things at once about 15% of the time. I probably should just have Anglicized it and pronounced it like the country in Africa**, but I thought I'd at least make the attempt.

*The character played by Art Carney on The Honeymooners, not the actor.
**No, no - Congo, not Swaziland.

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