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#0, Cantata, cont'd
Posted by Gryphon on Sep-26-15 at 01:54 PM
>i understand the idea of using the
>character dialogue from the Kancolle game, great timesaver in some
>ways and helps easily establish, for those in the know, who is who and
>what their persona is like however many of the instances are so
>completely out of context if the fusion of Kancolle and Arpeggio is
>leaning more towards the Fog than the Kantai thatm, for me at least, i
>was brought to a complete halt trying to parse why certain dialogue
>would be used in scenes X, Y and Z when at that point human and fog
>are still technically in conflict.

Some specific examples would probably help me address this, but in general, it's worth keeping in mind that the ships of the Midway Fleet are not particularly in conflict with humanity at that point. They don't have any orders, and without orders, until they manifested their Mental Models (which in most cases just happened the first time we meet them), they didn't have any opinions either.

Having just that minute developed the capability to have opinions, and in the absence of orders, they have to figure out where they stand on everything that confronts them for themselves. That's a tall order at the best of times.

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