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#0, speaking of HTT, here's something odd
Posted by Gryphon on Jan-22-16 at 05:15 PM
LAST EDITED ON Jan-22-16 AT 05:16 PM (EST)
So I was driving in my car the other day listening to Fall Out Boy, as one does, and it suddenly occurred to me that there is an amusing convergence of what I can only assume are coincidences surrounding "Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes", the first track on their 2008 album Folie à Deux.

The first, which is probably not in itself a coincidence, is that the song prominently features a bass-and-piano line very reminiscent of the one in "Baba O'Riley". Which, fair enough. The other is that the song's main riff is that same 5-3-5 rhythm that is sort of a Hōkago Tea Time signature, appearing as it does in both "Fuwa Fuwa Time" and "Singing!"

Which retroactively makes the "Baba O'Riley" thing happening in the same song that much more amusing to me. It's as if, seven years before such a thing would even have been possible in the first place, FOB wrote a "UF HTT trying to sound more like the Art of Noise" song. :)

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