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#17, RE: TFLF 11
Posted by ebony14 on Apr-20-16 at 08:56 AM
In response to message #16
>>Yui and I are looking forward to seeing the Mental Models of Giita and
>Some people suspect that Yui is Gīta's mental model, in the
>style of those City of Heroes characters where the shoulder
>kitten was the actual character, not the schoolgirl.

We had a guy in my old college gaming group who played a "Walking Slab o' Muscle" known as Thrud the Barbarian (named after an old White Dwarf cartoon). Thrud carried around toy poodle that he affectionately called "Splat," mostly because Splat was a normal poodle, except for immortality-level regeneration.

The running gag was that Splat was actually the Supreme Mentalist of the Planet Earth (we didn't have a Sorcerer Supreme, but we did have Dr. Braintrust, M.D., Ph.D., SMPE), and Thrud was the special effect of his telekinesis.

Ebony the Black Dragon

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