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#0, OOTR Fleet Record Teaser 01
Posted by Gryphon on Dec-15-16 at 10:54 PM
John Powell
"The Bourne Identity Main Title"
The Bourne Identity (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2002)

DISSOLVE IN to a tight closeup on the face of FLEET OF FOG BATTLESHIP KONGŌ. Her affect is completely flat, her eyes open and fixed on the far distance; so motionless there is no immediate indication of whether she is alive or dead, until she eventually blinks.


After a few seconds, the camera pulls back so that we can see it's

EXT. DAY. A sunny day on the open ocean, with no land in sight in any direction. KONGŌ is floating flat on her back, gazing expressionlessly into the sky, with the camera looking directly down at her. Her clothing is ragged and scorched, like that of a Heavily Damaged KanColle ship girl. The only sign of the rest of her is the fact that the sea around her is littered with flotsam and wreckage, some of which is still smoking. The camera slowly rotates in place with KONGŌ at the center.


SNAP back to a tight closeup on KONGŌ's eyes, which suddenly focus, narrow slightly, and glance (without turning her head) to the right.


Wide shot, low angle. A dozen or more DARK SHAPES appear on the horizon. A quick ZOOM reveals that they're approaching WARSHIPS, some of them clean, others distorted with janky-looking alien-tech bits.


KONGŌ glances to the left and sees pretty much the same thing over there.

With a sudden movement, she rises to her feet, standing on the surface of the water. Gliding like a skater, she makes a full turn in place (slightly unsteady but still with a certain uncanny grace), her no-longer-vacant eyes scanning the horizon.


Yup, there are more ships approaching from over there, too. She seems to be pretty much surrounded, and the last group she focuses on is preparing to attack—missile tubes opening, gun turrets tracking, etc.

KONGŌ appears to consider her options for a moment, scowling; then, her scowl deepening in concentration, she calls up her DATA RINGS and, with outstretched hands, starts calling bits of the surrounding junk toward her. It seems some of the nanomaterial in the wreckage is still "alive" and starts reconfiguring at her command. She clearly can't reconstruct her ship—most of it has sunk—but before long she's assembled a crude but workable approximation of a KanColle-style battleship's rigging.

With an expression mingling anger and distaste—as if it's beneath her but it'll have to do—she puts up a miniature Klein bubble around herself, then moves to engage the nearest enemies while they start shooting at her.


Undocumented Features Future Imperfect

The Order of the Rose: A Duelist Opera

Combined Fleet Record
The Warship March
or Fanfare for Emotionally Unavailable Battleship in E♭ minor