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#9, RE: TFLF 15: Call Me Lightning
Posted by Gryphon on Dec-05-17 at 08:57 PM
In response to message #8
LAST EDITED ON Dec-05-17 AT 08:57 PM (EST)
>I did -not- know they could use Frame Shift on short notice like that,
>or with Mental Models at all.

Most of them can't. Well, most of the capital ships can do it, but very few Mental Model by themselves, and no other destroyers that I know of.

>I'm trying to remember if Frame Shift is
>even in Arpeggio; I admit it's been a long time.

It isn't called that (I borrowed the term from Elite Dangerous for Cantata, for no better reasons than I like it and it's not what FTL is called elsewhere in UF, which makes it distinctive), but at least a few of the larger ships in Arpeggio can teleport, yes.

>Also, had to Google Rensouhou-chan, but hey, that's what it's for.

The others were too distracted by the circumstances to notice it (tr.: I couldn't think of a way to mention it that wasn't too clunky), but the turrets on Shimakaze's ship body actually have the face on them, similar to the option on this model kit. :)

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