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#2, RE: sotd, 2018.02.23
Posted by Gryphon on Feb-25-18 at 00:49 AM
In response to message #1
>... meh. sorry, perhaps the whole performance is awesome, but just
>from the lyrics, I can't get with the message/assertion that none of
>this really matters, or is worth trying to make better, because it's
>just a temporary stop on the way to eternity.

Hm. That's not the feel I got from it; rather, it appeared to me the message was "this all seems like it's pretty much hopeless and pointless unless you come on up to the house."


I'm hardly an expert, but I've always vaguely thought the 20th-century gospel message was pretty self-improvement-y. The whole "complete dismissal of this life in favor of the next" thing reads more medieval/early-modern to me.

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