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#4, RE: sotd, 2018.02.23
Posted by Gryphon on Feb-25-18 at 01:40 AM
In response to message #3
>"the house" being the church, where you can get on the right side of
>God and find decent people to endure/wait out the next few decades
>with, like friendly strangers in a bus station; until you can
>finally shake the dirt of this worthless world off your feet
>and get on to your real reward, your real existence...
>again, meh. but that's my reading. *shrug*

Well, yes, it's just that I think that reading is a bit more St. Augustine than 20th-century Southern gospel (which is more along the lines of "find Jesus and get your shit together").

I mean, it's all much of a muchness to me, I prefer to interpret the chorus as a curling metaphor.

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