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#4, RE: soon™: Romance of Combined Fleet Record, Vol. 1
Posted by SpottedKitty on Aug-07-18 at 11:29 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Aug-07-18 AT 11:39 PM (EDT)
>"Mm?" asked her escort. Kongō knew heavy cruiser Maya wasn't
>really paying attention, because in her (long, wearisome) experience
>Maya never really paid attention, but that didn't really
>matter. The fact that she was there at least gave Kongō a plausible
>excuse to exposit without feeling like she was talking to herself.

<headdesk> And I thought the Mental Models of some of Corwin's crew were a bit... off-kilter. Can't wait to see what else this comedy double act gets up to.

Edit: And I just did a quick image search. An Addams-Family-style Goth Girl and Little Red Lolita Hood, ye gods... no wonder they're picked up a crowd.

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