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#0, Fulcrum update
Posted by Gryphon on Mar-07-07 at 10:00 PM
LAST EDITED ON Mar-07-07 AT 10:01 PM (EST)
No, it's not dead.

However, it is a fairly well-established fact that much of my mojo - especially when dealing with Jedi matters, for whatever reason - is reverberative, and my usual sounding boards for such things have lately been out of action for a variety of very good reasons.

I'm sorry for the delay; I knew some of these factors were coming up, and I was hoping to get Fulcrum finished before they hit, but I was distracted by a shiny object, and now, in all likelihood, it'll have to wait until I get one or more of 'em back. Maybe after college basketball is over...

Anyway, I just figured I ought to mention it, since it's been a while now and I'm sure some of you out there are wondering. In the meantime, I've got mini-stories and Rogue Squadron #5 to work on. (Oh, and Iron Age, though there again, there's that whole "communicating with Zoner" thing to be done there.)

Thanks for your patience. (Cripes, I feel like Fred Gallagher saying that. :)

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