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#0, So about the next Fulcrum of Fate...
Posted by trigger on Jul-18-11 at 08:59 PM
I was re-reading WOTR (and seasons 3+4 of Symphony - low productivity day, but man, I feel better than James Brown). And of course, now I'm wondering who the evil red-robed dudes are that are busy trying to kill or corrupt the Jedi order. And hoping for that first Rei/Vader fight scene.

But more critically given the revisions that Symphony 5 bought on, I'm wondering how much of Blades and Fulcrum of Fate have been changed by the presence of Saionji as part of the order of the black rose. And how UF can deal with two Anakin Skywalkers...

I realize some of these questions are old, but now I'm very curious, esp. since there's some foreshadowing of Tali's presence in FF3.

Which leads to the next question - does anyone have a good timeline on events? A hell of a lot is happening in 2410.


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