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#0, A rather humorous thought about 'The One'
Posted by Barricade on Jan-16-12 at 05:27 AM
LAST EDITED ON Jan-16-12 AT 06:14 AM (EST)
Considering that Anakin in Lucas' canon is without a father (although Anakyn is vastly different), we have Emmy who uses twin blades, Gryphon/Kaitlyn's kendo style has means to hide in plain sight, and UDF is a megacrossover of the highest order...

Has anyone considered bringing in Alta´r Ibn-La'Ahad into the picture? I mean, his name does translate out to 'Eagle, Son of None'. That and you have to admit that having one or two light-dirks that are mounted on wrist bracers and activated via a precise muscle movement, would be really really... Okay, I'm not going to finish that sentence as that's way too fanboyish. So I'll just end here.