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#0, The Aha Moment
Posted by Gryphon on Nov-26-12 at 08:22 PM
Ever had one of those moments where it's a slow night at your work study gig and you're thinking about the Force, and you suddenly see - through the eyes of a character who has been grappling with its underlying nature for years - that what has been presented in all the lore as a fundamental dichotomy is actually a kind of weird parallelism? That what they all - including the character who's having the insight - have spent millennia calling "darkness" is really a different, less predictable, more dangerous, but in the end undeniably luminous form of light?

There is no "Dark Side" of the Force. There is only the difference between white light and a flame. The latter is a lot more dangerous if you let it get out of hand, but it's also hella useful if you hold it right.

At least, that's one character's take on it...

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