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#0, Retroactive References
Posted by Nathan on Jul-03-16 at 09:37 AM
Blades was published some years back, but in retrospect, I have to read this passage...

> "In that case, what do you know about a modern revival of the
> Order of the Sith?"
> He frowned, but it wasn't a "bad things" frown, at least not
> entirely. "There are three that I know of," he said. "One's a bunch
> of idiots out in the Spinward Marches, beyond the ORTs, who think
> they're badasses because they found a copy of the Scrolls of the Seven
> Spheres and got a few of the Rites of Darkness to work. They're
> dangerous, because a couple of them have real talent and not one of
> them has the faintest idea what they're playing with."

...and go, "Hi, Kylo Ren."


The most wonderful thing about BBs
Is BBs are wonderful things
Their sides are made out of iron
Their guns are made out of pain
They're crashy smashy bashy flashy fun-fun-fun-fun-fun
But the most wonderful thing about BBs
Is there is more than one
The~re is more than one!