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#10, RE: Characters you'd love to see in NF
Posted by Hyakushiki on Jan-19-13 at 11:47 AM
In response to message #0
Hey all, been a while since I posted here.

Recently, I watched the movie Jack Reacher and it got me to thinking he might be the sort of guy Gryphon might run into during the Exile, or been an Wedge Defender himself before going on the run during Son Set or left prior to that becoming a bounty hunter or freelance investigator. Later on Gyrph meets him again and offers him job in the IPO perhaps even becoming a Grey Lensman.

One other would be Doctor Bosconovich form the Tekken series, sure wacky scientists are a dime a dozen in the UFverse but there is his lovely daughter, Alisa.

A polite, friendly young lass with chain saws in her arms... and a rocket punch!

(Yeah I'm a little biased as she is my all time favorite fighting game character as of 2009. Thank you Kaz Harada!)