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#43, RE: Characters you'd love to see in NF
Posted by Prince Charon on Feb-08-13 at 09:22 AM
In response to message #42
>Quite true. They DO tend to come as a packaged set.
>Alternately, you could bring in her Arch Nemesis/crush/friend
>(depending on when you take them from), whose name I can't remember to
>save my life (the guy with Imagine Breaker) who would arguably be even
>MORE interesting in this setting.

Maybe. To me, Touma seems mostly like a Boring Shounen Hero who's only real power is to make other people less awesome (and not 'by comparison' - he neutralizes superpowers with his right hand). Mind you, in UF, he'd have to deal with meeting people who can kill or otherwise defeat him without the use of any superpowers, which doesn't seem to occur to anyone he opposes in To Aru.

"They planned their campaigns just as you might make a splendid piece of harness. It looks very well; and answers very well; until it gets broken; and then you are done for. Now I made my campaigns of ropes. If anything went wrong, I tied a knot; and went on."
-- Arthur Wellesley, First Duke of Wellington