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#54, RE: Characters you'd love to see in NF
Posted by Mercutio on Nov-12-13 at 05:32 PM
In response to message #53
>their plotlines always struck me as if they had been added simply to make
>Mass Effect 2 longer.

To be fair, this is also the case for Zaeed. :) Adding stuff to make the games longer is sort of de rigeur for the Mass Effect series. It's like, I didn't actually need to spend two and a half hours clearing all five geth outposts out of the Armstrong Nebula, now did I?

>Generally speaking, the chosen of the goddess of chaos would be a poor
>choice for such an organizational role...

Isn't MegaZone a big-shot diplomat these days? That job is nothing BUT organization. I mean, he and Feeple weld together the Galactic Alliance in record time for a set of international treaties, and MegaZone, if I remember right, talked a lot of polities into signing onto the International Police Accords and their complete lack of oversight and accountability. Someone like that has to be pretty organized.

Having said all that, I have trouble envisioning MegaZone as sitting in the center of a vast web of informants and operatives. Doesn't seem like his style. Dude is extremely hands on.

>>I wouldn't mind seeing Gryphon or Mister Deprew's take on Bane and
>>Deadshot as well, I'm kind of curious as to how an august villian like
>>Bane would exist in the same place as Big Fire ;)
>*snort* I'm sorry, did you just use the phrase "august villain like
>Bane"? Finding it hard to credit your thesis there. :)

Bane is pretty damn lame, but I would submit that he precisely the kind of seemingly-intelligent perpetual loser that Big Fire would dream up in their laboratories, right up until the moment he escaped and started killin' all their guys, Cerberus experiment style.

Deadshot, if he exists at all in UF, is probably working the professional mercenary circuit out on the Rim and staying the HELL away from anyone who even looks like a Lensman or any kind of other major Galactic Hero. Floyd is pretty crazy, but he's also not an idiot. The overall success rate of people who try and operate long-term and/or high profile out of places like Kane's World or New Avalon is not high, and he'd like to get paid.

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