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#20, RE: Characters you'd love to see in NF
Posted by Mercutio on Feb-03-14 at 08:53 PM
In response to message #18
>>3) Loki. No, not the dead guy. And not MCU Loki, either. I'm as big a
>>member of the Cult of Hiddleston as the next guy, but there's not a
>>good way to shoehorn him in anyway
>Sure there is. You just haven't thought of it. That's usually what
>people mean when they say things like that. :)

Well, this is true. And frankly, I wouldn't mind seeing that particular flavor of Loki show up, because more Loki is always better than less Loki, in my opinion. :)

But it seems like the story of Loki the Supervillain has been told. There still, in my opinion, is room for a Loki in UF, because Loki is just such a versatile and powerful character whenever you're dealing with awesome mythical Norse stuff, just not that Loki. As I said, I kind of feel like his conceptual space is currently being occupied by Akio, who does everything MCU Loki does and is better at it because MCU Loki has some actual scruples and human affection in him and Akio does... not.

>>Child Loki thematically fits UF in all the right ways and is just an
>>amazing character, and with the pre-existing Asgard stuff here in the
>>setting... well. There's just so much potential there.
>There are a couple of problems there, but the main one is that I
>haven't read a Marvel comic - or indeed any comic - in... oh... quite
>a few years at this point, and cannot really be said to have any
>burning ambition to do so again anytime soon. Which would make
>research challenging.

Ahhh, gotcha.

I can't really blame you on this. I gave up on DC a long time ago. I still read a fair few comics, but these days I mostly follow specific creators, not brands or characters. I'd recommend some, but I think I just did that in a way (seriously, anything with Matt Fraction's name on it), and it is not as if you are... lacking in media to consume in general.

>>2) Elphaba Thropp. Yes. That Elphaba Thropp.
>You say that - as people so often do these days - as if I ought to
>know what you are talking about...

Heh, that's a fair cop here. I never know what you've read or haven't read, as every time I think I understand your tastes you drop something like, say, an obscure Italian history of the Night Walkers or something into conversation, or genre fiction I'd never have pegged you on.

Short version: 'bout twenty years, a fellow named Gregory Maguire wrote Wicked a fictional biography of Elphaba Thropp, the Wicked Witch of the West, of Wizard of Oz fame. It was... very, very good. Spawned a completely rocking Broadway musical and a series of sequels.

I know what you're thinking, I mean... the Land of Oz isn't precisely what you'd call cutting edge genre fiction, but there you go. It was a thing that happened and it gave me my favorite fictional witch ever. (Anthy, sadly, will always be a close second.) So that's what I was doing there.

Really, in a wishlist thread, my goal is "have awesome hypothetical conversations about UF" rather than "actually convince Ben of something." The latter is a bonus if and when it occurs. :)

>>1) Elsa the Snow Queen.
>... and again.

This is just me fanboying out over Frozen. :)

>>-Kate Bishop and Clint Barton. The Matt Fraction versions only,
>I made a joke a couple years ago about how convenient it was that
>Jeremy Renner kept playing characters who could seamlessly be folded
>into a single UF character. His characters from The Hurt
, The Bourne Legacy, and The Avengers are
>obviously all the same guy: a former Earthforce EOD technician who was
>converted into a super-secret sleeper agent against his will, broke
>free of his sinister handlers, and then found the solace his tortured
>soul craved in the structure and method of the ancient, long-neglected
>archery form practiced by the Grammaton Clerics of the Order of St.
>Ignatius before the invention of firearms and the gun kata. I see no
>reason to walk that back. :)

... no. No, there wouldn't be, would there? Not sure that's toppable.

Also are the Bourne movies worth watching after the first? I'm an enormous fan of the novels, and... well, the first one was okay. I'm generally a fan of Matt Damon. It was entertaining and all, but... no Carlos? Making Treadstone the heavies? Really? And I've heard vaguely that the franchise involved a lot of fridging of the women in Bourne's life, which is always a negative in my book. I just kind of never got around to the sequels.

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