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#2, RE: TLOKb5 Epilogue: A New Galactic Age
Posted by Peter Eng on Jan-05-15 at 02:41 AM
In response to message #1
>> awww, he's cute
>I'm curious as to the story behind what seems to be robot spirits,
>because I'm pretty sure it's not something left over from Korra's trip
>to Cybertron.

My impression was that it's a predictable side effect of technological advancement. I'm sure everybody knows somebody who thinks their car has a spirit all its own, whether a ready-to-go, let's-drive sort of spirit, or a cranky, too-old-for-this, okay-I'll-start sort of spirit, or something else.

I imagine that in Dìqiú, they have proof of that belief.

Peter Eng
"My blender has a spirit? Now I know you're pulling my leg."