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#8, RE: TLOKb5 Epilogue: A New Galactic Age
Posted by jonathanlennox on Jan-05-15 at 05:37 PM
In response to message #7
>>>Captain Inazuma's racked out - Oh, so close. Now Korra will
>>>have to wait another 19 years to find out what became of Azula.
>>I have to say, I was expecting that the Phoenix Queen would
>>display some old-fashioned Fire Nation iconography somewhere, at least
>>enough that Korra would doubletake.
>It's ... red and gold? Not really much to go on. :) Any iconography
>would really be too small to make out at the monitor's resolution.
>It's not like they're the old Romulan warbirds with the big
>bird-of-prey logo on the bottom.

I was thinking not so much visible on the ship itself, but rather as background in the room where Veronica answers the phone, or maybe a watermark in the video.

I guess Azula thinks such things aren't classy enough. :-)