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#9, RE: TLOKb5 Epilogue: A New Galactic Age
Posted by drakensis on Jan-06-15 at 03:16 AM
In response to message #5
>But of course. After all, they both speak Krogan.

We were cruising up the route of Forinjar,
We were looking out for thralls both near and far,
Then I saw somebody standing on the beach a- head,
So I butted him on the brow
and I snarled at him and said...

Does Anyone Here Speak Krogan?

He said,

Qu'est que c'est? Je ne vous comprends pas.
Qu'est que c'est? Je ne vous comprends pas.

And as he mumbled some old nonsense in a foreign tongue,
I said captain bring the shuttle down I think I've found another one.

- traditional Krogan raiding song.

Sorry, couldn't resist.