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#0, (OOTR-14) Heritage
Posted by Gryphon on Mar-16-15 at 04:22 PM
LAST EDITED ON Mar-16-15 AT 04:22 PM (EDT)
the corner of Wang and Fire Streets - Sort of Firetown's equivalent of University and Shattuck in Berkeley, California.

Zetan passport - I'm not sure it was ever stated plainly in early S4, but Anne's legal status after Page of Swords is probably the simplest thing about her life situation: She's a citizen of the Republic of Zeta Cygni, naturalized under the provisions of the Republic's delightfully named Protection from the Psionics Protection Act of 2407 Act of 2407.

Minister of the Imperial Center - This is an ancient office of the Fire Nation royal court that was once highly influential, but fell largely by the wayside during the Hundred-Year War, as the Fire Lords became increasingly autocratic and marginalized what had been powerful positions at court. (There were also Ministers of the Imperial Left and Right, which does not mean the same thing as "right-wing" and "left-wing" in politics, though the etymologies - based on where the holders of the offices used to sit - are similar.) Azula is probably the first Minister of the Center since the reign of her great-grandfather, Sozin, but the office for her is almost completely different from what it was in the old days. It's mainly just a way for Katara to formalize the value she places on her ancestor's counsel.

Surveyor of the Royal Mirrors - Adapted from another old court position, Surveyor of the Royal Pictures, the court functionary who curated the Fire Lords' art collections back in the days when they had art collections. Doesn't actually mean anything - just a private joke between Katara and Azula, having to do with the way they kept in contact when Katara was little.

Countess of Boiling Rock - This is also a joke title. Boiling Rock is a prison, not a county. Azula arranged for Katara to create the title and bestow it on Ty Lee as a winking reference to a time long ago, which is only funny to them now because they managed to survive it.

unexpected complications - For which read Wan Shi Tong, the librarian of the Great Spirit Library and an inveterate meddler in anything to do with information technologies. He and Korra have, at best, an uneasy détente, owing mainly to the fact that a) he helped someone try to murder her once and b) she invented electronic mail in Dìqiú, which he sees as her revenge for a).

her naturally orderly spirit - Apart from certain bits of her appearance (and the possible connection of the blue flame), this is probably the thing Azana has most closely in common with her great-great-great-great-half-aunt Azula, if you take the view that Azula's tendency to be fastidious is a separate virtue and not an aspect of her mania (and I do - look at how the former fell by the board when the latter finally went over the high side).

Kiyi - I was... pretty disappointed with the ATLA sequel comics, particularly The Search, but Zuko and Azula's half-sister, introduced therein, is completely adorable and deserves to have had a long, happy, and fulfilling life, then left a line of descendants who continue carrying forward the awesome today.

you won't get the crazy - In fairness, Zuko's descendants haven't either, apart from the late Fire Lord Qinzon's obsessive interest in Major League Bending trading cards and My Little Poodlepony. "I did not see you playing with your dolls again, Fire Lord!"

good thing you didn't ask her - In fairness, they're such distant cousins at this many generations' remove that it wouldn't have been a problem, but since Karana's making a joke anyway...