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#10, RE: Exile mini: Direct Action
Posted by Gryphon on Mar-15-12 at 02:24 PM
In response to message #9
>One would hope that someone associated with Our Heroes would grab the
>Scouts organizations and shake some sense into them, as well as
>putting them back on the track towards teaching the skillset that
>they're known for. If nothing else, planetary colonization would
>probably resurrect interest in those skills needed for survival in
>less-than-urban environments.

That is, indeed, probably at least part of the reason why the Scouts and Guides of New Snowdonia are so well-known for their prowess in the out-of-doors. New Snowdonia is one of the ruggedest of the worlds settled during the Crown Colony Expansion, rivaled only by the wild and mountainous wilderness of Caledonia. The early colonists - and the early colonists' children - needed to be pretty hardy and pretty handy in order to make a go of things. Even in the 24th century, when they have suburbs and Tesco, these traditions run deep.

Which is not to say that New Snowdonian Guides lack the other traditional skillset of Guiding, what used to be called home economics. Many of them make their own Class As, and even before she attended the CIA, Laura could make a mean apple crumble.

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