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#19, RE: Exile mini: Direct Action
Posted by ebony14 on Mar-19-12 at 11:52 AM
In response to message #15
>>As is all right and proper. Though I suspect that the apple crumble
>>would be a regional/planetary thing. I can only imagine the number of
>>New Austin Scouts who get their Hazmat merit badge dealing with their
>>Annual Chili Cook-Off/Barbecue.
>One would imagine. (Similarly, the Neo-Japanese equivalent of that
>same badge can be earned by working with fugu and surviving.)
>It so happens that Laura's particular culinary bent is
>pātisserie, anyway, so apple crumble was a logical choice.
>She's also quite good at rustic French and Italian breads, cinnamon
>buns, and -
>mmmmm, cinnamon buns
> - do excuse me - and the various arcane applications of ganache. The
>meticulousness involved in baking and candymaking appeals to her inner
>need for structured reality. Plan the dive and dive the plan, as they
>used to say in the underwater salvage biz.

Sounds like my girlfriend. Except, you know, for the whole mutant/clone/adamantium/killing machine thing....

Ebony the Black Dragon

(What? She bakes pastries and makes candy. When she's not studying forensic entomology....)