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#2, RE: Exile mini: Direct Action
Posted by Zox on Mar-08-12 at 10:00 PM
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This was a nice surprise this evening--thanks!

Laura's first exposure to ordinary schoolgirl life must have been interesting. (Then again, if anime teaches us anything, it's that an "ordinary schoolgirl" is the most dangerous being in known space.) I wonder how much of a Sanosuke Sagara act she pulled at first, seeing military-grade threats around every corner? I expect she learns considerably faster than Herr Sagara does, though. :)

Should we recognize Rhian and Mairwen from anywhere else? The "I'm surprised you didn't bite him" comment makes me wonder why Laura would expect Rhian to do that...

Decked out in their full field kit and seen at moderate range, older New Snowdonian Guides were often mistaken for commandos or Special Branch police officers, and in truth there was something of both in their makeup, particularly those senior Guides holding the exalted rank of Ranger. Rangers wore a slouch hat instead of the beret and were authorized to carry the hallowed Woodman's Pal, further heightening their resemblance to commandos.

Apparently the Girl Guides are more in touch with Scouting's military roots than their present-day equivalents can claim.

..."No matter where you go. No matter what you do. I will find you."

"Eeee," said Wayne.

"Do you want that, Wayne?" she asked.

"No," he squeaked.

A little, he thought.

Ah, love at first fright. :)