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#25, RE: Exile mini: Direct Action
Posted by Gryphon on Mar-21-12 at 10:50 AM
In response to message #24
>Then again, this is UF. I could see the UF St Trin's (if it existed,
>and if it did, prolly someplace like New Snowdinia) being the sort of
>place where the girls learned how to direct their miscreantism at the
>sort of people who really deserved it...

I doubt New Snowdonia has a sufficiently dense population of the right kind of young termagant, myself; Snowdonian girls go in less for bullying, thievery, and mayhem and more for hardiness and self-reliance. About the only major trait they have in common is a certain personal aversion to leaving wrongs unavenged. You'd be much more likely to find an establishment (one hesitates to call it a school) like St. Trinian's on Kane's World or, if you were to insist on it being in the Crown Colonies, Coalhill.

That said, the annual field hockey grudge match between St. Trinian's Coalhill and Llanfair Pwllgwyngyll North Comprehensive is, presumably, routinely epic. They're probably still talking about the year St. Trinian's star forward shanked her opposite number from Llanfair during the game, and in retaliation the Llanfair girl, as the Evening Standard's sports writer elegantly put it, "fouled her to within an inch of her life," then used the spare time granted by her subsequent ejection from the game to cut the Trinian's bus in half.

"The Klingon thought admirals teach us that revenge is a dish best served cold. I once knew a man who begged to differ."
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