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#15, RE: (NF?) The Only Thing
Posted by Gryphon on Apr-29-13 at 11:17 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Apr-30-13 AT 01:37 AM (EDT)
>Ah, that's one of the episodes you've seen?

At this point I believe I've seen all the episodes I actually want to see, and know more or less generally what happened in the ones I've opted to let lie. I am, for instance, fully au courant with the second half of Series 7 to date. (And while I generally do not have any real idea what the fuck is going on at any point in Series 6, at this point I have at least attempted to watch most of it. :)

>Heh, I was always tickled
>by the phrasing of how this one's described on the DVD box: "the
>Doctor faces the greatest war criminal in the Universe... and Hitler".

"As first dates go, I'd say that's mixed signals."

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